Plans and Tariffs

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Triple Play (FTTX)



  • ₹1250/30days/UL/10Mb
  • ₹1500/30days/UL/20Mb
  • ₹2250/30days/UL/50Mb
  • ₹2450/30days/UL/75Mb
Free Wi-Fi




  • ₹5130/90days/UL/2Mb
  • ₹8550/90days/UL/4Mb
  • ₹24300/180days/UL/10Mb
  • ₹61200/360days/UL/20Mb

Leased Lines



  • ₹96000/2Mb/1:1
  • ₹160000/4Mb/1:1
  • ₹216000/6Mb/1:1
  • ₹240000/10Mb/1:1
100% Advance Payment
Please call us on 02522672333 or email us at for pricing queries

Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is Navkar Supertech Private Limited?

    Navkar Supertech Private Limited is the parent company of "do" broadband services with its registered office located in Mulund(E)

  • How can i get in touch with your company?

    You can contact our Customer Care team at 025226722333 or you can write to us at for any queries, complaints or requests

  • How can i apply for a new connection?

    You can apply for a new connection through our Contact Us page on our website or call us directly at our Customer Care number 02522672333 You can also email us at

  • How fast is your broadband fibre connection?

    We deliver internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps. We offer an array of broadband plans to suit your internet needs. We also offer dedicated leased line services. Whether you are a business or home user, you are sure to find a package that takes care of your needs!

  • What are the documents required for a new connection?

    For a new connection, you will need to submit:1. Proof of identity(Aadhar),2. Address proof,3. 1 Passport size photo

  • How can i make an online payment?

    For making online payment, please follow the steps below:

    1. Login to our website

    2. Click on ‘login’ option on the home page

    3. Login with your registered user id and password

    4. Select the ‘Payment Gateway’ option from your account home page

    5. On submission, you will be re-directed to our payment gateway options

    6. From there, you can select your preferred mode of transfer and complete the transaction.