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Shaping the Future of the Internet

Navkar Supertech Private Limited standards reaffirms the importance of six “Drivers of Change” and identify these areas that will be significantly impacted in the future: Digital Divides; Personal Freedoms and Rights; and, Media, Culture and Society. These “Impact Areas” are our core focus on putting the user at the forefront when considering the future of the Internet.

Fast Download Speeds

If you’ve got a thirst for speed or have outgrown your current solution, we’re here and are able to offer you leased connections starting at 10Mb to 100Mb then 1Gb all the way up to 10Gb.

Our Costs

We’ve made it simple by publishing a price list we offer and any startup or cessation fees.View our price list.Excluding leased lines which depend on term, fibre run, location and carrier availability.

Enhanced Security

The security of your account is very important to us.Our customer portal supports OTP logins using applications such as Google Authenticator, OTP Auth or Authy to generate a time limited passkey for login

High-Speed Broadband

Fibre-based broadband is here and coverage is increasing daily.We ensure the best quality of service by constant monitoring of the network. We don’t slow any types of traffic down, at any times of the day. Nor do we block any ports!

24 Hour, India Support

We’re here to support you via our customer portal but should you need to call, we’re here Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, excluding public holidays.Priority care will have access to an on-call engineer, available 24/7.

Advanced Control Panel

We believe in customer choice, not only through service choice but also the ability to control and “self-serve”.Our control panel has some great features and will be constantly improved over time.

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Our helpful package builder will help you choose the right package for you based on your budget, requirements and location. Get started now...

Still looking for help?

Our friendly and helpful team are ready to help, all you have to do is get in touch via email - info@dowifi.in or call - 02522672333

Data Base Management

We collect and store data of our customers which can include names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information, as required by law, all information that we store is retained on our server.