Who We Are

“do” is a product of "Navkar Supertech Private Limited" and is committed to providing excellent customer care and reliable services since we began operations in 2014.

About Us

“do” broadband is a growth oriented company headquartered in Mulund, Mumbai. Over the years, we have enjoyed a reputation for continued innovation to meet the communication needs of its customers.

“do” has built a high quality internet network that delivers quality services. As a full-service provider, “do” offers an array of services, including high-speed Internet access and high definition programming. We strive to meet the demands of today, and we are committed to providing state-of-the-art products and service to our customers.

“do” began operations in 2014 and expanded by operating a wireless system. We continued to expand our operations and currently operate wired and wireless internet services.

In 2017, “do” Wi-Fi obtained its ISP licence approval for “Class B” into fibre optic data services providing state-of-the art fibre optic data connections and commercial grade digital service to businesses, organizations and multi-unit facilities. Since then, we have expanded our fibre optic services to the areas of Navi Mumbai,rest of Maharashtra and Delhi

“do” Wi-Fi provides superior customer service, bill generation and fulfilment of our customer accounts. We offer local technical staff to maintain and service our customers 24/7. Both our technical staff and customer service representatives have standing longevity of service and believe in what they do. They work extremely hard to provide our customers with the highest quality of service. “do” Wi-Fi believes in its people and the need for satisfied customers. Our business is alive and growing and has plans to continue this expansion throughout the future.

The principals of “do” has a long history of working together with the core management team located in Mumbai. The experienced management team knows the importance of being a part of the local areas we do business in. Today, “do”provides complimentary free Wi-Fi services to Political wards, schools and Political legislative assemblies in our service areas.

“do”appreciates each and every one of our customers. We strive to continue to provide you with the high quality broadband services that you deserve and expect. We welcome your comments or concerns in order to better service you, our customer.

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Our Passion

We Are Thinkers and Innovators.

At “do”, our passion is making work-family relationships purposeful and fun. We understand that during an average work-week, more time is spent with our work-family than with our “real” families. With that in mind, we strive to maintain a fun, companionable work environment that enables our team members to work towards a common purpose. Everyone is focused on the goals of the company, and together we celebrate both personal and business successes.

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Our Niche

Developing the Developed

At “do”, our niche is becoming the premier data provider in the areas that we serve. As the premier data provider we strive to provide the best data services available. We are constantly identifying new opportunities for improvement and investing in state-of-the-art technology, to keep the areas we serve at the forefront of the ever-changing communications industry.